Solving life’s annoyances, one problem at a time. Creating life’s enjoyment, one solution at a time.

The genesis of many companies can be traced to the experiences and yearnings that drove its founder. After all, companies are created and built by humans.

The founder of Charbell Solutions, Dan Kapellen, developed an eye toward problem solving during his youth on a Dairy Farm in Wisconsin, with days that began early and ended late.  Farming requires constant creativity and adaptability to solve challenges with  machinery, farm animals, weather, buildings and, above all, limited time.  He came from a family of farmers, from whom he learned that every solution starts with a problem to solve or planning how to “make hay while the sun shines”.  Some problems are obvious, such as how to fix a leaky hose or a broken bracket.  Other problems are subtle, such as how to anticipate problems and save time by preventing them. Some solutions are ingenious, but most are simple, practical and barely noticed by the casual observer.

Later, Dan applied his innovation skills toward an exciting career that started in Engineering and evolved into Marketing. He first learned to solve problems that primarily involved how to reduce pollution from engines and how to go further on a gallon of gasoline. His college thesis, for example, was on Hybrid cars. But, a key “aha”, was understanding that customers care less about what is under the hood than the exhilaration from stepping on the accelerator pedal. So began an evolution from solving problems framed in his own perspective to solving problems for others and making life a bit more enjoyable and rewarding. In other words, marketing.

An Entrepreneurial spirit led him on a path to co-founding a company, which was bought by and integrated into a larger company where he led development of new products, new customers and configuring solutions that were tailored to the needs of those customers. Worldwide travel took him to places that he dared not even dream about during his younger days on the farm.  But, it also afforded the opportunity to connect with people, cultures and businesses around the world.

This brings us to Charbell Solutions, LLC, which started in 2010. But, only recently coalesced into a mission that is dedicated to you, the consumer, who wants to save time by eliminating unnecessary work, to be ready for the unexpected and to relax at the end of the day. With this in mind, we are scouring the world for solutions to your annoyances and to your enjoyment.

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