Florida Salt Scrubs are specially crafted to offer you the full benefits of Coconut Oil for your skin

Coconut Oil renews and maintains healthy skin.  These authentic Florida Salt Scrubs use natural Sea Salt to exfoliate your skin, clearing away barriers such as dead skin cells and dirt and allowing your skin pores to fully absorb the Coconut Oil and its benefits. 

You feel a “wow” sensation as you wash away the Sea Salt and you feel luxuriously smooth skin whether you use it on your hands, feet or body.  

Our salt scrub ingredients are sourced and crafted in a state of the art, FDA-certified facility.  They are Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and they are sourced and Made in the USA, with love, in the state of Florida.  To our knowledge, there are no other salt scrubs available like these. 

For those who want only moisturizing, we recently introduced Florida Glow, a spray moisturizer.  For clean only, we introduced Key Lime Soap.

 Florida Salt Scrubs use Coconut Oil for Skin, and are all natural.

They clean and moisturize with 3 simple ingredients so that you know what you are getting.  These are:

1. Gentle & Cleansing Atlantic Sea Salt The formulation process starts with pure, mineral-rich sea salt crystals collected from the waters of the Atlantic ocean.  The sea water from which the salt is derived, comes from a sea shore mangrove.  This is a salt water ecosystem that naturally removes all undesirable elements. This filtration process is carried out by mother nature through indigenous plants and shell fish.

After the salt has been harvested and delivered in pristine condition, the arduous process of grinding it down to the perfect ultra fine crystal size begins. This is important so that our salt scrub feels soft and smooth, and maximizes the delivery of important minerals to the skin. It’s those minerals contained within the pure Atlantic sea salt that will help keep your hands, feet, and body so wonderfully smooth.

Coconut Oil for Skin Salt Scrub with Lemongrass Scent

Florida Salt Scrubs – Lemongrass Scent

2. Healthy and Moisturizing Coconut Oil – From there Florida Salt Scrubs turn to the natural plant world found here in beautiful Florida for inspiration where we gently mix Coconut Oil and scented Essential Oils to give you the combination that creates an absolutely wonderful cleansing and aromatic experience that words are challenged to describe.   It truly is one of those things you have to experience for yourself.

3. Aroma of Natural Essential Oil – Whether it’s 100% all natural Key Lime, Orange, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, or wonderfully superb Coconut, and Vanilla salt scrub, you are sure to find one that attracts you and that feels right.

Many people will keep their favorite large jar scent in their shower using a safe plastic container, and smaller ones in each bathroom, and lets not forget about the one by the kitchen sink! 

So now you know that Florida Salt Scrubs, despite their simple ingredients, require high quality and careful processes to bring you the world’s best and glorious Sea Salt Scrub. But we continue to do so because we believe you are worth it.

All of our Florida Salt Scrubs:

– Contain Coconut Oil for skin
– Are Made in the USA
– Are NOT made with any artificial colors, fillers, stabilizers or preservatives
– Are cruelty free and NEVER tested on animals 
– Exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin beautifully
– Are natural antiseptics and disinfectants
– Are non-greasy – they rinse and towel off clean
– Richly aromatic (aromatherapy / smell absolutely wonderful)

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