Florida Sunscreen



Reef Safe and Oxy-Benzone-free

Created by the experts who help sun-lovers, everywhere, maintain beautiful, youthful and healthful skin.  Florida Sunscreen is specially formulated for the harsh Florida Sun and is one of the most environmentally-friendly sunscreens that you will find.

Consistent with their philosophy, Florida Salt Scrubs includes Coconut Oil to moisturizer your skin.  It is Reef Safe, meaning that it is non-toxic to sea life by eliminating any of the four chemical ingredients that are known to cause Coral Bleaching.  It is also free of Parabens, PABA and Oxybenzone.  Users love how this premium sunscreen applies easily with a find mist spray and doesn’t feel greasy.  100% Vegan-friendly, this sunscreen helps prevent sunburn anywhere the sun shines.

SPF 15

Florida Grown, SPF 15was crafted wih the Florida grown local in mind. As a local you know what it really means to call Florida your home. You, like many locals tend not to burn like a tourist aka “Cruiser” but still maintain a healthy respect for the powerful Florida sun!

SPF 30

Florida Snowbird, SPF 30,  was crafted with our beloved seasonal residents in mind. You spend half the year somewhere else and then the other half in our wonderful sunshine state. Without you, 80s television would have never been the same. With open arms, we say welcome back!

SPF 50

Florida Cruiser, SPF 50, was crafted with the Florida tourist, visitor and cruiser in mind. As a cruiser, your skin needs all the protection and moisture it can get. Now you can relax knowing that we got your back covered — literally-­while you enjoy cruising around, sipping on fruity drinks and snapping photos!

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